Though one couple may not have wanted to be bombarded with Alexa farts during their Las Vegas vacation, a bombardment of Alexa farts they most certainly got after their Airbnb’s smart refrigerator malfunctioned, interrupting their conversation to repeatedly rip a—.

“Why are you farting at me?” asked one of the guests as Alexa continued to emit fart after fart.

“That was a very uncomfortable one,” Alexa replied, before imploring her audience to ask for a variety of farts, including “a wet fart,” a “wet and squeaky fart” and a “spicy fart.”

Despite outlining every fart she could possibly muster in her digital state, Alexa remained tight-lipped — and tight-holed — on her reasons for continually passing gas. While we can only assume the last guest left one extremely bean-y Chipotle burrito in there, it appears, like most things in the Amazon universe, that profits also played a role in her apparent flatulence.

“Ask me about the extreme farts extension pack,” she said, touting the somehow very real, albeit poorly-rated, addition.

Capitalism: The root of all evil *and* all farting Alexas.