A video of an 8-year-old Moroccan girl insulting Ronaldo and calling him a crybaby went viral on social media after Portugal suffered a heartbreaking 1-0 defeat to Morocco in the World Cup quarter-finals.

“The Portugal airport is that way,” she gloats. And where’s Ronaldo? He’s crying in his car!” 

Ronaldo stans, already rearing from his untimely benching by coach Fernando Santos, couldn’t handle any more heat and pounced, taking to TikTok and Twitter to bully the crap out of her for poking fun at their idol. It didn’t help the situation that Lionel Messi, a long-time Ronaldo rival also in the running for the title of world’s greatest, has led Argentina to this year’s World Cup finals. To appease their fragile egos, these manchildren placed their faith in French forward Kylian Mbappé, pounding their chests calling for ‘Mbappé’s revenge’ (aka splicing the video of the girl with punk edits of Mbappé looking badass) as France was set to face off against Morocco on December 14th.

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Ronaldo fans have apparently harassed the girl so severely she’s now having trouble speaking and eating. According to some reports, she’s even received death threats. Someone even edited a fake apology video pretending to be the young girl's mother. 

Some of the Mbappé memes are admittedly funny, but some of the reactions are downright disgusting. Take a look below and tell me who the real children are in this situation. 

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