After years of causing environmental damage the phenomenon of red tide –a.k.a. dangerous algae blooms that can harm both humans and marine life – has evolved from a regular horror beyond our comprehension to a  manmade horror beyond our comprehension, all thanks to one dad hellbent on letting his kids have fun on the beach.

Last week, the self-described “teller of Dad jokes” @huckleberryfinn83  took to TikTok with a video detailing his latest beach day endeavor — creating a massive spout from an adjacent canal into the Gulf of Mexico.

While the waterway started off like most men’s trips to the seashore – if there’s one certainty in life its that dudes can and will dig some sort of hole the moment their toes hit the sand – the stream quickly grew into a full-fledged river, flooding discolored liquid into the adjacent body of water, prompting concern from well, pretty much his entire comments section.

@huckleberryfinn83 Wasn’t expecting fhat…Fun day at the beach… #dadlife #beachday #uhoh #humor #greenscreen #trending #funny #tiktok #florida #forgottencoast #environment ♬ Sail - AWOLNATION

Alongside commending @huckleberryfinn38  his quick ecology 101 course – “A quick lesson on erosion,” wrote one user, another musing about how “THATS how the red tide formed on our gulf coast” – the rest of the comments were divided about the true impact of his waterfall.

“Looks like contaminated water going straight into the sea, so sad,” wrote @blayzquartz.

Meanwhile, others were more sympathetic, arguing that the project was simply speeding along the inevitable.

“They legitimately FastTracked a natural phenomenon,” mused @twistedskol17. “They did something neutral, not negative or positive, But, THEY HAD FUN DOING IT.”