Danny Masterson: Convicted rapist, former star of That ‘70s Show, and the soothsayer of our time? On Wednesday, May 31, a California jury found Masterson guilty on two out of three counts of rape in a retrial of his case from late last year.

“We want to express our gratitude to the three women who came forward and bravely shared their experiences,” said George Gascón, Los Angeles County’s District Attorney before describing the survivors’ “courage and strength” as “an inspiration to us all,” per CNN. “While we are disappointed that the jury did not convict on all counts, we respect their decision.”

Though Masterson will be facing 30 years to life in prison come his sentencing on August 4, the star appeared to have predicted landing behind bars in an early episode of That 70’s Show.

Shortly after the verdict was announced, a screengrab from 1998’s “Eric's Burger Job,” quickly shot to viral infamy on Twitter depicting Masterson’s character, Steven Hyde, getting a little too candid about his future aspirations during a job interview.

‘Where do you see yourself in five years?” Ricky, the assistant manager of Fatso Burger portrayed by Danny Bonaduce, asked several characters during the interview sequence.

“Prison,” Masterson’s Hyde quipped back.

Though this remark initially garnered laughs from the audience, the reaction on social media was slightly different this time around.

“A self-fulfilling prophecy,” wrote Twitter user @rinalovesme in a quote tweet of the original post.

“It’s a great day for Danny Masterson to go to jail!” added @neptune_309.

“King of manifesting ” joked @obiwh0r3ken0bi. 

As @rinalovesme so aptly put it in the latter half of their post: “Fuck you Danny Masterson, rot in jail!”