Miami Tech Week was held at the end of April and one Twitter user, @johntrified, found something really interesting while scrolling through Miami Tinder, women want to date dudes with boats.  

@johntrified’s tweet elicited the reaction you would expect from men on the internet, at least from men without boats.

Saying things like ”Boats are a scam” or “Are all these girls stuck on desert islands?”

Barstool’s Jack McGuire made a TikTok reacting to the girl's bios and asking the hard questions like “What makes you think you’re yacht quality?”

@jackmacbarstool #greenscreen stay safe my guys #miami ♬ original sound - Jack Mac

“Boat manufacturers magically summoning 110920 totally real Miami girls with "looking for a boat" in their Tinder bio,” @yudovicio responded in a quote tweet.

 While it’s hilarious to think these girls are bots deployed by Florida’s boating industry, I think I can explain why girls love boats so much and the men who own them.

Let’s face it, boats are a fun time and if you’re traveling to Miami for a weekend, it’s a part of the Miami experience. Boats are also status symbols and allow these women to maximize their potential on dating apps while rubbing their boating experiences in the faces of their landlocked rivals.

Many women reacted to @jonhtrified’s tweet supportively.

“Honestly this suggests a pretty obvious course of action for single men in Miami” quote tweets one user.

Another user compared the Miami girls seeking boats to “sirens at sea looking for prey.”

Hot girl summer is approaching and everyone should be on a boat, especially if you’re in Miami.