Death on the Nile, a film already well-acquainted with controversy, was released to mixed-ish reviews in February and has since seemed destined to be half-remembered as a quirky but fun-for-some mystery movie of little note (except for the fact that it stars a would-be cannibal, of course). 

The movie, as has become the new normal for filmmaking, relied heavily on CGI and other special effects to help set the scene in Egypt where the story takes place. However, perhaps due to budgetary concerns or sheer production oversight, many have pointed out several moments where it became a little too hard to suspend disbelief. 

In the tweet that kicked off a Twitter roast-athon, check out the lighting on the characters in the scene down below compared to the fake pyramids they're supposedly standing on.

Just another example of the kind of scenes that have many opining for the days past when movies had seemingly found the 'sweet spot' of mixing practical and special effects. It is the extra care required for lighting a scene like this that has led Marvel to say "f**k it" and have every major outdoor battle scene take place under an overcast sky where shadows are minimal and the CGI is, well, easier. But not necessarily better.

From a discussion about the movie immediately after release:

The original Twitter thread which kicked off the discussion, with its thousands of replies, is essentially now serving as a receptacle for all the anguish and frustration many feel at the state of CGI and special effects today.