Matt Webb is in hot water after dipping his boys into some chunky red salsa for revenge.

A man was frustrated with an $.89 tip on a delivery that would take him 30 minutes. He took matters into his own hands– er, balls and dipped his twins into some of that red goodness. Salsa that he then delivered to a customer.

This is what an employee for Dinner Delivered and her name is Chaneese Booker I have called and reported it to her employer and they are doing nothing about this and the man who does this nasty act is Matt Webb!!! Please make this go viral so nobody else gets sick from this nasty place!!!!

Posted by April Hannah on Thursday, February 21, 2019

Howard Matthew Webb a 31-year-old from Tuckaleechee Pike. He was arrested and is being held in the Blount County Jail in lieu of $45,000 bond pending a hearing.

We hope he's learned his lesson.