Disney Plus’ Star Wars series 'Andor' is a surprise hit, garnering reviews better than 'Obi-Wan Kenobi' or even 'The Mandalorian'. Critics have praised the choice to show the Empire villains not as masked Force-users, but as by-the-books, terrifyingly organized fascists. It’s weird that Disney is so willing to show the horrors of concrete, windowless space prisons because - as Twitter pointed out - that also describes their most expensive hotel. 

Last March, Disney Parks opened up the Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser, a two-day overnight experience that costs up to six-thousand bucks. The venue features narrow concrete hallways, tiny hole-in-wall bunk beds, and little meals served in trays that are a little nicer than real maximum security prisons. “It’s a $5000 self-inflicted LARP prison where you are forced to participate in shit you have no interest in.” tweeted @edgewalker81. 

The immersive experience apparently consists of armed stormtroopers and Imperial officers marching aboard the ship, then barking out orders and commands for fear of a Resistance uprising. It’s a dream come true - for people who dream of living as servants of a brutal dictator. 

The Starcruiser website boasts that it’s a vacation “where you are the hero!” A hero like Ghandi or Batman!  But only during the times when they were, you know… prisoners. Book your trip today!