George Santos: Disgraced Congressman, notable OnlyFans patron, and certified Diva?

From the moment the lawmaker stepped foot outside of a Manhattan courtroom last spring to snap a photo only rivaled in cuntiness by the likes of Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, and Britney Spears circa 2007, Santos has managed to achieve what few Republicans have — serving (no pun intended) as gay Twitter’s latest darling.

Santos, with his alleged drag persona, growing list of fibs, and new revelations surrounding his purported penchant for Botox, trips to Sephora and Hermes goods — luxuries he indulged in using campaign funds, per The House Committee on Ethics report, released on Thursday — the Senator’s latest indiscretions have cemented him as one of queer social media’s several post-ironic icons.

“Diva down,”  wrote @luxurytrash_as news of the report spread on Twitter, one of several users to utter the two-word refrain amid news of Santos’ alleged wrongdoing.

Meanwhile, @SpencerAlthouse couldn’t help but herald the allegations’ absurdity.

“George Santos using $25,000 in campaign funds to pay for random OnlyFans accounts and buy an Hermes bag for himself is unfortunately extremely iconic,” they captioned an edited screengrab from 2004’s A Cinderella Story.

Joining the ranks of fellow Twitter anti-heroes including Azealia Banks, whose ongoing anti-trans and anti-gay rhetoric have — controversially – been outshined by her hot takes, convicted stars of various Real Housewives franchises, and even Gypsy Rose Blanchard, who pled guilty to second-degree murder in connection with her mother, Clauddine “Dee Dee” Blanchard’s 2015 death, the exact traits that landed Santos in legal trouble are what make him oh so salacious.

The Marie Antoinette, yet somehow, still praxis-adjacent absurdity of his purchases. His signature Twitter sass. His definitively delusional outlook on life. Santos’ je ne sais quoi — one best described as the most annoying girl you know manifesting a raging case of ‘lucky girl syndrome’ —  has landed him a faction of unexpected supporters, a horde of largely-leftist queer people fascinated with his flippant, and on some level, oddly relatable, decisions.

“Sorry but if you spend the Koch brothers’ money on onlyfans subscriptions I think they should put you on Mount Rushmore,” @MNateShyamalan wrote alongside an excerpt from the report.

“They both served one term in Congress in their 30s before deciding not to seek re-election,” @ElectionLegal captioned side-by-side photos juxtaposing Santos with President Abraham Lincoln.

“I can’t stay silent. we can’t stay silent,” penned @anxiousdeluxe.  “He’s being persecuted for Crimes of Divahood ... if they’re coming for him they’re coming for all of us.”

Though it’s unclear whether Santos’ legal woes will lead to a domino effect precluded with “first they came for the divas,” one thing is certain — someone better do Kitara Ravache as their Snatch Game character, stat.