Diva-mocracy dies in darkness … and now, in the once-hallowed halls of Congress.

George Santos, the controversial and oh-so-c—ty lawmaker famed for his short-lived drag career, lying about, well, pretty much everything and allegedly using his campaign funds on items including Botox to OnlyFans subscriptions and even a Sephora shopping spree, found himself confronted with a hard truth on Friday when the House voted to expel him from Congress.

The decision, which came after a 311-114 vote, made Santos the sixth member of Congress to get ousted from their role, one of only three since the Civil War, per CNBC.

Considering Santos was also the first Congress member to get the boot before landing a federal conviction, the self-described “Jew-ish” lawmaker was less than thrilled by the decision, sassing reporters as he sashayed away.

“You know what? As unofficially already no longer a member of Congress, I no longer have to answer a single question to you guys,” Santos said as he slipped into his car, departing Capitol Hill for what may well be the final time.

Though the lawmaker declined to speak to the press, we can only hope he took a different approach with his former colleagues, bidding them adieu in the only manner appropriate for a diva of his magnitude. Congress — unlike the institution that is RuPaul’s Drag Race — likely does not permit its departing members to leave a lipstick message for their ex-coworkers, yet we hope that they made an exception for their latest reject, allowing him to adorn the men’s bathroom mirror with “they should rename it C—T-spiracy in honor of me, xoxo Kitara Ravache” in Charlotte Tilbury’s “Walk Of No Shame” … (allegedly) paid for with campaign funds.

But as we wait to see what departing words Santos left the remaining queen- sorry, congressional representatives — and which Y2K divas Santos will inevitably channel throughout his impending legal battle — here are some of the best memes and reactions mourning the now-ex-lawmaker’s Congressional (or should we say C—T-gressional) expulsion.