Though the Maui wildfires may have killed at least 55 people, destroyed tens of thousands of homes and businesses and forced several Hawaiians to jump into the ocean as they attempted to flee the blaze, MAGA conspiracy Twitter has one thing to say — BS.

On Thursday, Twitter conspiracy influencer @PunishDem1776 (a conspiracy theorist? Misappropriating the Punisher? groundbreaking) shared a bold assertion with their followers — the blackened island couldn’t be the result of a wildfire because the trees weren’t crispy enough.

“Everything is burnt but the trees, but don’t point that out or ur a conspiracy theorist,” they wrote alongside a video depicting the singed island of Maui following the inferno.

Despite the fact that several types of trees — including various species of palms — have long been known for their fire-resistant qualities, several right-wingers plopped on their tin-foil thinking caps, speculating what broader plot may be afoot.

“If you're wondering why this doesn't look normal, it's because it's not,” wrote MAGA mom @s_sjules, blaming the inferno on the all-caps “DIRECT ENERGY WEAPONS.”

“Something is definitely not right here. Trees are still there as well as the power poles and lines,” wrote @llandoniffirg. “Hmmm.”

“Why are trees and wooden fences left untouched? What did this?” asked @giogiogio2020.  “Do some digging people!!”

Not everyone, however, was convinced that the aftermath of the wildfire was not actually the aftermath of the wildfire.

”How dumb do you have to be to push this kind of narrative?” asked @misandryluvr420.  “Cut a tree down n try to burn a fresh log n it won’t burn bc it’s too moist, ur brain has got to be entirely smooth.”

“You people are so stupid,” added @blvey.

Meanwhile, @OldRowSwig began questioning whether@PunishDem1776 and his MAGA pals could actually recognise a fire-damaged tree.

“The trees are literally burnt my guy,” they wrote.

But hey, there can always be a lesson learned from embarrassing errors like these.

As  @JacobWilson51 suggested, “just tweet ‘I don’t understand enough about trees and fires, someone help me’ next time.”