"POV: You have to wait 5 minutes until you go into the restaurant because you kissed..." That's the on-screen caption of @lifewithrileyandryan's short TikTok showing the couple sitting in a car together, Riley looking at the camera proudly smiling and Ryan in the back shaking his head. 

I had to watch the video roughly four times before I realized I wasn't going to get it. Why can't they go into the restaurant? What does a kiss have to do with any of this? It wasn't until I clicked into the comments that I realized that what was holding them back was Ryan's boner. 

But everyone in the comments knew the deal as the search term at the top read, "the waistband trick" and every top comment was some version of, "Bro, you don't know the waistband trick?" 

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The waistband trick, for those of you who have never had to wait in a car until a boner subsided, or you don't have a penis of your own, is a dick hack men use to conceal a boner. 

The trick is simple, you tuck your hard-on up into your waistband. Easy. 

Why this short video catching the aftermath of a boner-inducing kiss has 1 million likes and 12 million views that features neither a kiss nor a boner is beyond me, but like the thousands of young men in the comments offering the classic boner flip trick, I have been there too.