Admittedly, college lectures can be a bit boring, and I’m sure most students wouldn’t mind something fun to spice them up. But if you’re looking to add a little energy to a boring lecture, please don’t do this.

Girl thinks she's the main character of her college lecture.
by u/Good_South in IAmTheMainCharacter

In the video, a woman dressed like Lola Bunny can be seen taking off a skirt before doing a TikTok dance. The reaction from the students is mainly one of confusion, with the professor staring at her and likely questioning the money she spent on a graduate degree.

For those who are unaware, the person in this video is Natalie Reynolds (@natandzack), and this is kind of her whole thing. Take, for example, this video from last year, in which she goes into Walmart and does that dance that looks like a cat throwing up.

Strip dancing at the Walmart
by u/Ncyorkiemomma in IAmTheMainCharacter

She hasn’t stopped, either. In June of this year, she pretended to almost take her top off at a baggage claim:

@natandzack the security was staring.. #fyp #fakebody ♬ sonido original - Carolina♋️

And again in a grocery store:

@natandzack i took it all the way off.. #fyp #fakebody ♬ original sound - natalie reynolds

And again in, **** it, a nail salon:

@natandzack they were all staring.. #fyp #fakebody ♬ original sound - natalie reynolds

What’s the point of this? I have no idea. Surely there’s someone out there getting off to it, and good for them. But for the rest of us, these videos are either emblematic of the occasional strangeness and stupidity of TikTok or just something to get mad at. I’ll let you choose as you see fit.