Donald Trump wants to buy Greenland - memes, tweets and reactions from the web

The Wall Street Journal published an article the other day where they claim Trump has been asking his aides and advisors about buying Greenland. The Journal writes that on several occasions, "in meetings, at dinners and in passing conversations," with "varying degrees of seriousness" Trump inquired about the matter ahead of his first trip to Denmark as President. 

And honestly, I think we should do it, I think we should buy Greenland. What do we have to lose? Besides a bunch of ice, but who gives a shit about that? I've got a freezer.  

America has a chance to buy the biggest island in the world and we'll regret it if we don't take the opportunity. Greenland would take America to the next level. We already own a warm island, now we can own a cold one. Once we sell the 56,000 people who still live in Greenland back to the Kingdom of Denmark, for a fair price, of course, we can literally do anything we want with our ice island, melting ice island. 

And many American's feel the same way.