When the most popular fast food restaurants announced that they were selling cheeseburgers for mere cents on September 18, many asked one question: Why? But the “brightest” of the internet already knew the real reason; a bunch of conspiracy mumbo-jumbo.

September 18 was National Cheeseburger Day and to celebrate fast food places like McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Burger King, decided to sell cheeseburgers for mere cents on the dollar (or in Burger King's case, for free). Naturally, this deal drew suspicions about what really is going on and why these companies would give away food for free.

Many took to social media to warn their audience against eating cheap burgers. 

“Tomorrow is the 18th... Y’all PLEASE don’t eat or feed your kids them burgers … they are trying to kill at least 1m of us,” tweeted @t_sadiity.

Conspiracy theorists believed these burgers weren't what they seemed and wondered what could be inside the meat, including human remains; gerbils; lizard ankles; and genetically modified fake meat; possibly fitted with a Bill Gates microchip.

Realistically, all that came from National Cheeseburger Day was some cheap burgers, to the annoyance of the overworked and underpaid employees tasked with fulfilling those orders (RIP Wendy’s employees).

But if all of a sudden everyone who ate the microchip burger ends up marching the streets hailing their tech overlord Bill Gates, then maybe there is a plot afoot.