Everyone knows about rats and their love of kitchens — Remy the ratatouille immediately comes to mind — as well as raccoons, who don’t just love kitchens but the garbage they produce, too. But have you ever, in your wildest dreams, imagined a camel breaking into your kitchen? If no, you should try and have more interesting dreams. If yes, your dreams have now been realized.

@ranchograndeojai Albert our camel gets into the kitchen again and reeks havoc in search of food. #ranchograndeojai #ranchogrande #farmlife #ranch #animals #dog #puppy #airbnb #baby #camel #wow ♬ Sneaky Friends - Eitan Epstein Music

Family farm and animal sanctuary Rancho Grande Ojai in California recently posted a video of resident camel Albert breaking into the kitchen. The cameraman can be heard telling someone who’s in the kitchen to not let Albert eat his soup and to try and entice Albert outside with an apple. The cameraman then opens the door to see Albert’s humongous camel butt in the kitchen, surrounded by broken glass.

Realizing the jig is up, Albert tries to escape into the pantry, only to decide it’s too small and head back into the kitchen and try to get some last-minute snacks to take with him on the go. Albert is eventually ushered outside and offered an apple, presumably as a reward for being such a good boy and committing light B&E.

Commenters were in awe of Albert, with one writing, “How can Albert be so large while also being just a little baby?” Someone else pointed out that giving Albert an apple every time he breaks into the kitchen is a sign he has them well-trained. A third commenter commended the family’s “gentle parenting” approach to dealing with Albert, to which they said, “Camels are very sensitive. They also have long memories.” Remind me to never cross a camel.

Perhaps the best thing about all of this is that anyone can visit Rancho Grande whenever they want and see Albert in person. In fact, the family commented on the now-viral video, “Come see him anytime, he loves guests and our guests also love him. You can spend all day with him if you want, he’s very entertaining.”

Count me in! I just need to remember to keep an extra watchful eye on my soup and snacks.