TikTok user @bailesb12 got a Door Dash worker fired after he ignored the no-contact delivery instructions

In a now-deleted video, TikTok user @bailesb12, films herself reporting a Door Dash worker for not following the no-contact delivery instructions, saying the experience was, "probably the worst Doordash experience I’ve had." 

@bailesb12 said her boyfriend tested positive for COVID-19 and that he had been in quarantine for the past few days. She wanted to do something nice for him by buying him snacks and hydrating drinks like Gatorade and Vitamin Water. The trouble started when she began making specific requests for multiple drinks and was getting ignored by the delivery driver.

Screen shot of the deleted door dash video

The driver then went to her boyfriend's house and instead of leaving the bag on the front porch and walking away, as the delivery instructions specified, he rang the bell and handed the Covid positive boyfriend the bag of drinks.

@bailesb12 then made a phone call to Door Dash and said she just wanted to "tell her story" to an employee. They said he will have to face consequences based on her story.

Maybe she shouldn't have called if she really didn't want anything to happen to the Door Dash driver.

And since we're feeling nice today, remember to always tip your drivers, because if you don't, your food might sit there for a while before someone decideds to deliver it.