Have you ever wished that you could be treated like a God on the road? Do you think Niccolò Machiavelli was cooking when he said “It is better to be feared than to be loved?” 

Enter TikTok’s favorite unethical driving hack, nabbing yourself a retired police vehicle.

Car influencer @thatcvpiguy recently headed to TikTok with a clip touting his whip, encouraging others to take after him and “just get” an old-school Ford Crown Victoria for no reason other than fooling people into thinking you’re about to arrest them.

@thatcvpiguy Just get one #certifiedwhacker #whacker #retiredmafia #ohiopantherkings #carsoftiktok #Crownvicsoftiktok #p7b #cvpi #fyp #fypage #FYP #viral #goviral #cartok #trucktok ♬ LOVELY  - ZWE1HVNDXR & yatashigang

Beyond the perks of semi-trucks moving out of the way at the mere sight of you — “especially if they’re not supposed to be in that lane,” they elaborated — driving an old school cop car will make every big rig driver — and those of regular cars, too — truly terrified to be in the same one-mile radius as you.

“They’ll even stop trying to pass another semi if they see you,” they added, emphasizing their point with footage of trucks and cars moving out of his way on the highway.

But regardless of whether you love or fear Crown Vics, one thing is for sure — ACAB definitely includes this guy.