One tipsy groom-to-be recently learned that flirting most definitely counts as cheating, landing several smacks to the face after his fiancée caught him hitting on another woman.

The clip, which was shared to r/PublicFreakout on Monday, is entirely in Spanish, yet it doesn’t take a polyglot to understand the horny undertones of the soon-to-be-husband’s interaction with a nearby woman, the man gesturing to her chest two separate times before offering a chefs kiss.

Drunk Man Smacked by Fiancé after Flirting with Another Woman
byu/superphuntimeyahok inPublicFreakout

Though its unclear whether or not the woman in question was flattered by these compliments, the man’s future wife was less than amused, yanking him — like a comically oversized cane in a vaudeville cartoon — into the street and offering him the smackdown of a lifetime.

While the pair appeared to come to some semblance of a truce moments later, the woman ultimately laying off of her poor S.O., one thing is certain — she should have just written a scathing Yelp review