One very unlucky T-Mobile customer got a whole lot less than she bargained for during a recent trip to one of the carrier’s stores when a possibly intoxicated manager accidentally erased her entire phone while attempting to sync her Apple Watch.

“Why did you erase my phone?” asked the woman, visibly upset after losing the entire contents of her device.  

Instead of simply answering this direct ask, the manager doubled down, reiterating that the entire contents of her phone had been wiped.

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“So whatever is gone is gone, I’m sorry,” the worker said, appearing to slur his words.

“Okay, but why did you erase my phone?” she fired back. “What was the reason for erasing my phone?

“I personally have not,” he incoherently replied, a response the customer was clearly not having.

“I don’t understand what you’re saying to me, and I don’t think you understand what you’re saying,” she said.

After several moments of nonsensical back and forth, the woman demanding answers for how a simple Apple Watch installation devolved into her entire phone being reset, the employee reversed course, blatantly denying he had erased her data.

“I did not erase your phone!” he said.

“You just clearly erased my phone,” the customer countered.

“Your phone has been erased, but I did not erase your phone,” he said, later noting that he had “no idea” what he did to the woman’s device. “I don’t remember.”

Though the customer, clearly getting nowhere, decided to take the issue to the manager’s boss, she wasn’t the only one who was having a bad time.

Cake creator @marisolmaldonad46, who first uploaded the clip to TikTok back in January, said that she “felt not safe” around the manager, so much so that she nearly risked her modem.

“As soon as I arrived I noticed that something was not okay. As you can see he was on something,” she wrote, noting that she “left” her “modem on the counter because I was afraid of him.”

Though @marisolmaldonad46 was ultimately able to get her device back —“luckily that lady took my modem out of the store and I was able to return it to another store,” she said, referencing the woman whose phone was inadvertently wiped — her fellow patron was not nearly as lucky.

“This lady lost every picture of her granddaughter’s birth and so many things she had on her phone,” she elaborated.

Drinking and data-wiping: Not even once.