Just because you can, it doesn’t mean you should.

One man attempted the impossible (and incredibly debt-inducing) by drinking 50 shots of Patron back-to-back in a bet with a buddy for $1,000 big ones. That amount of tequila can and typically does, kill a person.

Though the man succeeds at drinking all the shots, the video then cuts to him being carried out of the bar to (presumably the hospital). One moment you’re on top of the world winning a $1,000 bet and the next you’re getting your stomach pumped while stressing about how much the hospital is gonna charge you.

“$1,000 bet for a $10,000 hospital bill,” responds @resurrectmusic.

Also, what kind of bartender would allow this to happen? That man needs a warrant. The hour spent having to clean 50 shot glasses for one customer is nothing compared to the guilt of nearly murdering a man.

RIP to this man’s liver who did nothing to deserve the utter abuse it went through within one night out. Really hoping that your insurance kicks in, man.