Let us set the stage for you. Imagine you're at a club with your girlfriend, but she's not the average girl no, she's an Instagram model, we know lucky you and it's not just your average club, no it's a cool club in LA where famous people hang out, awesome right, well not really. 

Sommer Ray, the big booty Instagram pretzel is known for having a big ass so it shouldn't be a big surprise that she is also an ass of a person. Her boyfriend, who in the video below gets a good ass kicking went looking for Sommer in the club after she disappeared only to find her canoodling with professional football player Odel Beckham Jr. 

At which point he began to confront his "girlfriend" before getting his ass beat by who we're told is Kourtney Kardashian's ex-boyfriend, (we know, another name people don't give a shit about), while Drake and Odel watched. I guess he's planning to sue the two for either not stopping the attack or possibly instigating it in the first place. But come on dude, what did you think, you and Preztle Cheeks were going live happily ever after? She using you bro!