A Walmart shopper recently came away from his trip to the big box store with a bag full of instant karma, proceeding to get his butt whooped after stalking a man before shattering his car window.

Though it’s unclear how their spat began, the video commencing after the pair were already going at it, the man clearly wanted the polo-sporting dude to leave him alone, cautioning him that things would get ugly if he didn’t go away.

“I’m gonna f—k you up,” the man said. “Take your goofy a— back over there, bro.”

What did he think would happen?
byu/Feisty_Initial5374 infightporn

Despite these warnings and several others, the dude was evidently looking for a fight, refusing to take no for an answer. He ultimately followed the man around the parking lot and to his car, where he appeared to shatter his passenger seat window.

Though the dude attempted to run away, it was too late, the man giving him the beatdown of a lifetime as several witnesses cheered him on.

“Beat his a--!” yelled one onlooker.

“You got everything you deserved, you b----!” added another.

But these bystanders weren’t alone in thinking the intruder got what was coming to him.

“What the ---- is that dude on haha?” Redditor u/bowdindine commented on the video in a r/fightporn thread. “I’ve never seen someone demand an --- beating more forcefully.”

“If some pissed-off dude twice my size is telling me to leave him alone I think I would leave him alone instead of whatever the ---- that idiot did,” added u/kindashort72.

“He got off relatively easy,” wrote u/hhooligans. “Definitely deserved a couple more clean shots.”

Remember, kids: Talk s—t, get hit, break somebody’s car window and get your a— rightfully handed to you.