Unusual neighbors are practically universal; Friends famously memorialized the concept with “Ugly Naked Guy,” who walked past the characters’ windows in all his naked glory at regular intervals, earning himself the memorable nickname.

A Redditor recently took to r/MildlyInfuriating seeking advice for one such unusual neighbor. The post reads, “My wife and I just moved into a new building. We spent the first few weeks without any disturbances. And then all of a sudden, we start hearing our neighbor through the walls more and more.

“At first we didn’t think much of it, then we started to listen a bit closer. To our shock, we started hearing her moan and groan and scream out ‘THANK YOU STEVEDADDY23 FOR THE $100 DONATION’ or ‘TONIGHT WE DO BUTTPLAY.’

“How do we get her to quiet down or stop? I really don’t like watching a movie at night with my wife while we hear our neighbor livestream herself masturbating next door,” OP concluded.

Awkward to say the least.

The top response to OP’s dilemma was simply, “Have a word with her, she probably has no idea you can hear her.” Everyone else gave similar advice that focused on OP actually communicating with his neighbor instead of turning to Reddit for help, while some added that as a last resort, OP could try talking to the building manager about being moved to a different unit.

Others had more creative advice, however. One commenter wrote, “Join OnlyFans and tip her to be quiet.” Someone else suggested, “Or if you wanna be petty, play some of the most annoying songs ever created just slightly twice as loud as her when she's live streaming so her subscribers have to hear it.”

The most diabolical suggestion was probably this one: “Or play Disney songs, then report her to Disney for unauthorized use.”

As of now, OP hasn’t shared an update as to how they decided to go about solving the situation. Fingers crossed they went for the most entertaining option and now there are OnlyFans videos floating around with illegal Disney music blaring in the background.