Veteran’s Day came and went but one Korean War veteran found himself dishing out the roast of a lifetime simply by flashing his VA card.

In a clip shared to r/PublicFreakout, the veteran landed himself in one hell of an altercation with another former serviceman, getting accused of stolen valor for sporting his military jacket.

“That cord, did they put it on you in Korea?” asked the man behind the camera.

“I bet when I got home,” the vet replied. “I don’t know, it was 1970.”

Despite stating that he served more than half a century ago, the self-appointed military investigator was still not convinced, asking the man in question about everything from his patches to whether or not he had lost his fellow servicemen in battle.

“Did you have friends die wearing a uniform like that?” he asked. Though the vet in question remained tight-lipped on the specifics of his service, he shut down the allegations of stolen valor once and for all with the flip of his wallet.

“You tell that to the VA!” the vet yelled before flaunting his VA card, prompting the man behind the camera to immediately stop recording.