One driver recently came to the harrowing discovery that tattoos are, in fact, forever, realizing he’d be stuck with an “All Gas, No Breaks” neck tattoo even after getting into what may be the dumbest accident in all of vehicular history.  

On Monday, a Floridian couple landed under arrest after they attempted to evade a police officer who caught them trying to break into several cars, slamming into a parked vehicle as they sped away.

“After the suspect’s white 2006 Cadillac CTS was spotted by a deputy, a traffic stop was attempted, but the Cadillac sped away into the neighborhood,” the Polk County sheriff’s office recalled of the incident, per Jalopnik.

Though “the deputy did not pursue due to there being only one way in and out of the subdivision,” per the statement, the couple decided to hit the gas pedal anyway, colliding with several parked cars as they tried to flee.

Moral of the story? This dude’s next tattoo should most definitely say “some regrets.”