A few years ago, women on TikTok popularized what they called the “Cake Check Challenge.”This involved having a woman lay down while a barbell is rolled from their feet to their head. If the barbell makes it to the head, you fail. If it bounces off your butt, congratulations — you’ve got cake.

While there was a male equivalent, dudes were largely left out of this story. But what about us men? Is there a barbell challenge for us?

If you’ve been asking this same question ever since seeing the Cake Check Challenge two years ago, seek help. But also, you can relax — a challenge for the fellas has finally arrived!

Much like the Cake Check Challenge, this contest involves rolling a barbell over a person’s body, only this time, they’re lying on their back. The target this time around is not the person’s butt, but their Johnson.

As the video shows, this competition works basically the same way. If the barbell hits your cock, you’re a winner. Not sure what you win here, but at least you can tell all the boys back at the office that your friends think you’ve got a monster dong.

Naturally, there were a few Twitter users who noted that there were ways to cheat. Specifically, you could always get a little chubbed up in order to improve your chances of earning that coveted barbell bump.

But in my opinion, if you find yourself whacking it in the gym bathroom to try to prove to your friends that you’ve got a big dick, you probably need to reconsider a lot of things in your life.