The Adderall shortage here in the U.S. is entering its sixth month and everyone is seriously not okay. The drug has been hard to come by, leaving similar drugs like Ritalin and Vyvanse in short supply, too. While hoarding what’s left of their prescription (or merely raw-dogging life), some people have turned to TikTok to “hack” the treatment of their ADHD — particularly with caffeine.

@statusferret for the love of god fyp please take your adhd meds #adhd ♬ original sound - tyler lybolt

For starters, after Panera Bread’s new line of Charged Lemonades — which have the equivalent caffeine content as six espresso shots or two Red Bulls — went viral on the app, many noted how they were using them to combat the Adderall shortage or make their current dosage work better (when life gives you lemons, you make super-caffeinated lemonade apparently). “I don’t have enough self-control to handle this amount of access to caffeine,” explained @rosetintedgirl, her eyes visibly twitching while praising the drink.

i’ve been struggling!! and then i get frustrated that i don’t feel like myself & forget to be nice to meeee. but i’m hoping this will help me (at least) get my day moving so i can feel alive again cuz omgggg im dragging

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For what it’s worth, I’m currently drinking the Charged Mango Lemonade, and I can feel every beat of my heart.

Meanwhile, in January, @thekaleighp posted about switching to Cafe Bustelo, a coffee brand loved by Latinos, and how it helps with her ADHD. “What the hell is in this? Is it a placebo? Is it crack?” she asked dumbfoundedly while holding the can, as her video racked up more than 400,000 views.

@thekaleighp Was wondering why I’ve been so productive today and then remembered #adhd #coffee #bustelocoffee #oops ♬ Is it a placebo - SpiritualiTEA

The promotion of Cafe Bustelo as an ADHD “hack” created a Mielle rosemary oil-like hysteria from Hispanic people on TikTok. “Just make sure we’re not buying it out and raising the price for the communities that have drank this for years,” one user commented on @dangerdandilion’s TikTok about Cafe-Bustelo-as-Adderall-alternative.

Along those lines, after another video proclaimed Cafe Bustelo as a trend, many others started to fear that the coffee would be “gentrified.” It’s kinda too late for that, though — Cafe Bustelo is owned by The J.M. Smucker Company, and it’s already widely available in big-box stores. For her part, @thekaleighp has since turned off her comments on her Cafe Bustelo video.

A third proposed option is pre-workout. “I don’t know if (pre-workout) is a healthy alternative, but this is what I have been using,” explained @catssercretlyruntheworld, who has supplemented with pre-workout after trouble getting her Concerta prescription. “I’m pretty sure it’s safe…”

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Others have combined ADHD hacks together — like @caycurr, who takes pre-workout and natural supplements such as L-Glutamine and L-Theanine.

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More desperately, @themagdalenrose has turned to nicotine gum, though she readily admits that it’s not a good long-term solution. “Nicotine is highly addictive by itself, you don’t need that in your lungs. But if you’re desperate, it works,” she claims.

@themagdalenrose Desperate times call for desperate measures please chew responsibly #fyp #adhd #adderralshortage ♬ original sound - dollar store David Lynch

What is there for ADHD-riddled adults to do? The choices are slim and not sustainable in the long term. But not having access to medication is also not sustainable. The shortage is ongoing with manufacturers only being allowed to supply what the FDA and DEA permit.