Editors Note: This post is being updated as more information is being made available.  

Bianca Michelle Devins, also known as Oxychan on the site 4chan was murdered over the weekend by a guy she thought was her friend. 

Bianca Devin knew her murderer, Brandon Andrew Clark, as the two of them were close family friends. Information earlier in the day suggested they had met on a discord server, but this is wrong, they knew each other IRL, and the murder photos were shared through her Discord server. The image below is believed to be Bianca's last message to the mentioned Discord server the night her murder. 

It seems Brandon was jealous of the boy she was with, confirming what was simply speculation, that he drove to the concert with the intention of hurting Bianca. 

The Utica Police Department has confirmed the homicide, and that they have a suspect in custody currently in the ICU, confirming that Brandon did in fact try to kill himself, though he was unsuccessful. Below is a post  from His Instagram, believed to be of him on his way to see Bianca. 

Brandon Clark went by the name yesjuliet, on Instagram, which has since been deleted. 

Ian Miles Cheong has a long and detailed thread on Twitter about the murder, which is a good read if you have the time. 

Sadly, there is no justice, no recourse than could undo the pain caused by Brandon's actions. So we hope he has access to discord in prison, so he can see all the fun everybody else is having while he rots in a jail cell. Fuck You Brandon. Bianca's younger sister took to social media to clear some of the confusion and to stop the spread of misinformation. 

Brandon's brother, whose name is not being mentioned, took to Instagram upon hearing the news that his role model is a killer. 

R.I.P Bianca 

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