Philadelphia is the City of Brotherly Love. The thing is, though, you’ve gotta be a part of the brotherhood.

There are a few ways to identify yourself as a member of this citywide fraternity. For example, you could engage in some typical Philly behavior, such as punching a police horse or eating feces in the street. What you should absolutely *not* do is wear an opposing team’s jersey in or around their football stadium.

Curious to know what would happen? Well, just watch.

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The video is a few punches away from a Worldstar classic, showing Vikings fans appearing to enter the stadium to a chorus of jeers from ardent Eagles supporters. Some flip them the bird; others tell them to “fuck off.” Regardless, it’s a beautiful slice of American life in a city that just barely made it into the top 100 cities in the U.S. to live.

While the video appears, you know, pretty aggressive, my one friend from Philly insists that there is more context that makes all this chaos easier to understand.

First, this video isn’t new — it appears to be from a game in 2018.

Prior to this moment, there had been a fair bit of trash-talking between the two teams. Vikings fans were making their presence known in the city, ignoring the advice of travel agents to go so far as to dress up the famous Rocky statue in Vikings garb. To the best of my understanding, this is the Philadelphia equivalent of spitting in a baby’s face or trying to put some sort of fancy cheese on a cheesesteak — both equal crimes deserving of jail time.

Whether this video was taken before or after the Vikings’ devastating defeat (they lost 38 to 7), commenters on TikTok and Reddit claimed that behavior like this happened more often than they’d care to admit. “I wore my Raiders jersey to Arrowhead Stadium,” recalled a user. “Let’s just say I was soaked in so much beer from how many drinks were thrown at me, ruined my jersey.” Another added a perspective from the other side, writing, “As an Eagles fan, it’s weird to me that I don’t get heckled like this walking into another stadium with my jersey on.”

“Yeah when my cousin went in Philly, they were throwing beers at them when they walked in,” offered a Redditor. “Not just beers, full beers. Not just full beers, unopened cans of beer thrown from a ways away and as hard as they could from behind them.”

Maybe these fans went too far. Then again, maybe Midwest Nice just can’t handle a top 10 tailgate.