Last Friday, an eBaum's reader contacted us with a simple but unique request:

"Tomorrow I have brain surgery and was wondering if you have any memes that happen to do with this subject or losing your mind." 

A quick social media check revealed that, no bullshit, this guy was literally about to have a brain tumor removed in a very serious operation the following day. Tyler, from Arizona, had requested memes not only from us but also his family (in lieu of prayers) to help pass the time awaiting surgery in the hospital. We took his request to our Facebook page, and other site users and fans posted an array of memes, well wishes, and savage roasts (this is eBaum's after all).

Here's Tyler's vid request:

And here are some of what our users came up with for him:

A mix of hilarity and brutality, the memes were just what the doctor ordered. And if you're wondering how the next day's surgery went, we'll let Tyler himself fill you in: 

And here's Tyler on Monday, giving a shout-out and thank-you to everybody who participated. We think he sounds pretty fucking amazing for just coming out of motherfucking brain surgery.