Are you Forcum or Againstcum?

That’s the question that voters in Indianapolis, Indiana found themselves faced with during Tuesday’s election, when Republican Mark Forcum and Democrat Dan Boots duked it out to represent the City-County Council’s third district.

While not much was known about Forcum other than that he’s a right-leaning real estate agent who favors the Green Bay Packers, per his Twitter bio, voters weren’t swayed by his air of mystique — and refusal to fill out one local news outlet’s questionnaire — opting to give incumbent Boots another term.

Despite coming up short in his community, landing only 36% of the vote, the republican won by a landslide with another demographic — the down horrendous people of Twitter.

“A vote for Forcum is a vote for more cum!” @truther_dare captioned a snap of the candidate’s yard sign.

“voted absentee mail in call that precum,” added @mrshitzal0t while @MyArmsAreBroken reiterated their dedication to Forcum for all. 

“I’m a single issue voter,” they wrote.

We can only hope that Tuesday's loss isn’t the end of the road for Forcum — after all, name recognition matters. Cum one, cum all.