There is a disturbance in the world of Sesame Street this week and I'm 99% sure it's a publicity stunt for a Super Bowl ad. If you haven't already heard, Big Bird (you know the guy, he's a Big Bird) is now Tiny Bird. The news broke last week when Big Bird took to Twitter asking for people to #helpBigBird in his quest to get big again (we assume whoever runs the account has a fetish they're working through). 

And yesterday, Elmo (the red sad guy) posted on Twitter asking his followers, "How is everybody doing?" Well, it turns out most people are in fact, not doing well at all, as determined by the thousands of quotes tweeted Elom received of people lamenting all their problems. Problems like, "My wife left me Elmo" and "I'm thinking of ending it all." 

Many if not most of the reactions were jokes from people who thought it would be funny to trauma dump on the Sesame Street character. But as I said above, it's most likely a stunt meant to drum up engagement before a Super Bowl ad (if it isn't then okay). 

While it's funny to dunk on brands vying for "authentic" engagement from their customers, Sesame Street is burning the social bait candle on both ends this week. 

Elmo, whether he knows it or not, tapped into one of the internet's favorite pastimes, complaining about their lives, not all of the responses are to be taken in jest. 

While it seems like Elmo heard your messages loud and clear, maybe a better use of his time is figuring out what the heck happened to his buddy Big Bird. We're good Elmo, go check in on your friend.