Elon is the anti-christ, halloween

Elon Musk is receiving backlash from many of his own supporters following Halloween photos he posted with his mother. Dressed up in a futuristic-looking red suit, many people were quick to point out that symbols on his costume reminded them of Satanic imagery.

It’s no secret that Elon has amassed a cult following, with fans who obsess over his every move as if he were a God. Therefore, many of his more religious followers were less than pleased with his choice of costume for this year, feeling like they had been let down after placing their faith in him. 

They seemed to hold differing opinions however over whether Elon was deserving of salvation.

Of course, Elon Musk himself is an atheist and likely couldn’t care less about the symbolism on his Halloween suit. Not to mention that most of his followers are in strong support of his free speech no matter what stance, something that unfortunately for them does include wearing a red suit with a goat on it. Ultimately, it’s sad to see that some people have devoted much time and energy to a man that couldn’t care less about them, or the values they think he stands for.