eBay is a wondrously weird place and someone on Twitter may have just found the wildest listing yet. User @kennedygaming4 posted screenshots of an eBay listing titled “Unopened Vintage 1983 Ted Kaczynski “UNABOMBER” Package STILL SEALED!” Take that, baby shoes!

“The masculine urge to buy an unopened Unabomber package” @kennedygaming4 tweeted along with screenshots. The eBay account listed is censored but you can clearly see that the package is selling for $19,550( $12 shipping) and at the time of their post had 32 bids.

The censored eBay seller explains in the description that he worked for IBM in Santa Monica in the 80s and that the package was sent to him after he had transferred to the New York IBM office. He received the package from storage in 2008 and wrote to Ted Kacynski in prison to confirm that — yes he was a target of the Unabomber.

“Seller is not morally or legally responsible after [the] package leaves my possession,” concludes the censored eBay seller’s listing.

If the listing sounds too good to be true (or funny), then it probably is, as is with anything you see online. The listing isn’t searchable on eBay. But that could mean eBay has (wisely) taken the listing off for the safety of their users. The seller's account name is censored and this eager researcher could not reverse image search his profile picture.

Even if this is fake (which I’m leaning it most likely is) the thought that you can buy a historical bomb is utterly hilarious (if true).

“Buying the unopened Unabomber package and opening it on camera to see what I get like its a vintage magic the gathering booster pack” quote tweets @uncledoomer.

Do we have a brave enough soul to host the unboxing? We’re buying.