Though Threads, Meta’s new Twitter competitor may not have direct messaging, hashtags, or swearing, there is one thing it has in spades – references to Satan, at least according to Elon fanboys.

Threads launched on Tuesday, July 5, and as of now has over 70 million sign-ups. A “monumental” feat that has spurred several Elon Musk foot soldiers to look for the devil in the details, arguing that Threads’ stylized ampersand logo is actually the mark of Satan.

“This is the dumbest 666 looking logo in history,” wrote notable Twitter Blue-guard warrior @catturd alongside a screengrab of Threads’ new icon. “Seriously, lol, who’s the dumbass who thought this was a good idea? It sucks.”

“They are actually Satanic Panicking about the threads logo,” joked @blandCinema.

Despite rumors circulating online that MrBeast is the antichrist, he may soon have some competition.