Though people have been known to put some weird things on their food — looking at you, ranch lovers — there is one thing approximately no one (sans Dan Schnider) wants added to their dishes: Influencer feet.

Last Thursday, video compilation page @olemisschicks headed to Instagram with a harrowing glimpse at what the University of Mississippi’s best and brightest were getting into during their spring semester, uploading a clip of a student sticking her toes in several plates of food lined up along what appears to be the floor of a hotel hallway.

While it’s unclear why, exactly, the meals were left uncovered on the floor — sometimes with room service, you don’t get what you pay for — the unidentified student decided to get real weird with it, tapping each foot atop the food before sprinting away.

“¡Lo siento!” a pal could be heard saying behind the camera, the Spanish word for “I’m sorry.”

Yet to several commenters, sorry didn’t cut it, many taking the influencer to task for being gross.

“Needs to be held accountable like that girl that licked ice cream from supermarkets,” wrote one Redditor, referencing the cringe-inducing 2020 trend that led to some landing criminal charges.

“People are just disgusting. This is our enlightened society,” added another.

But hey, as gross as it may be, to each their own. As one commenter so aptly put it, “Some people pay good money for this treatment."