Bikes participating in the Mountain of Hell 2019 race in France crash and cause a massive pileup.

The 2019 Mountain of Hell race sent mountain bikers down an 11,000-foot glacier in the French Alps, and it ended up being just as dangerous as it sounds. 

The annual race takes place at the Les Deux Alpes ski resort in France, with riders reaching speeds up to 78 mph during the downhill glacier course, according to cyclist Kilian Bron, who ultimately won the race this year. 

All it took was a crash between two cyclists to cause a chain reaction which ended up being one of the most massive and gnarliest pileups you could imagine. Riders went flying, bikes went flying, bike components went flying, and some riders went sliding down the course at incredible speeds. Luckily, there were no serious injuries.

The crash starts at about 40 seconds into the video below. 

Many riders were wearing helmet cameras, so here are a few other angles of the crash.

And her'es a video of the winning run taken from Kilian Bron's helmet cam.