Nineties alt/rock band Eve 6, the masterminds behind such hits as Here's to the Night, Inside Out, and Anytime, may have just perfected the art of punishing your child. Why are we taking parenting advice from a band that wrote the high school senior class song for half of the world? Here's a better question; why wouldn't we take parenting advice from them?

Yes. It's all about follow through. Some of you parents out there are WEAK! When I was a kid, my siblings and I got smacked with a belt. The least you can do is shame your kids with band merch that was popular before the turn of the millennium!

I think this hits so much harder as a punishment when your dad is actually a member of the band. If I made my kid where a Third Eye Blind t-shirt as punishment, I don't know that it would hold the same weight. But then again others felt that the band merch route might not be punishment at all.

Sorry, man. It's too late for that. I'll be the second to admit the tick-tock of the clock is painful. But you've made your nostalgia-core bed and now you must lie in it.