One of the great things about the internet is the opportunity to share a communal experience or moment of discovery with people scattered across the globe. In this case, people on TikTok are coming together to discover that yellow dragonfruit has a laxative effect. Not exactly a poignant shared experience, but it’s a realistic one: Everyone can relate to shitting your guts out after eating something you shouldn’t have. Eat the dragon fruit but stay at home, don’t go out side #dragonfruit #yellowdragonfruit #pinkdragonfruit #whitedragonfruit ♬ original sound - Bushra

A recent video from Australian TikToker Victor Grey starts by showing several clips of other TikTokers trying yellow dragonfruit and following it up by talking about their traumatic experiences on the toilet as a result. Grey’s video follows, and in it, we watch him eat two yellow dragonfruit while standing in a phone booth, apparently so desperate to try the fruit that he couldn’t wait until he got home to try it.

The reason for Grey’s decision to eat the dragonfruit while out then becomes clear as viewers follow him on his increasingly stressful journey to make it home before he shits himself. He starts out cocky, assuring himself and viewers that he’ll be home in the next 45 minutes, so he’s not too worried. In the next clip, he admits that he’s feeling “a bit iffy,” but he says it’s not the dragonfruit per se — he also had chicken and chips for lunch beforehand.

He tries to use a public toilet but finds it’s occupied, and he strikes out again at a train station when he realizes the bathrooms are behind the ticket gates. Grey, who is becoming increasingly sweaty and disheveled as the video goes on, decides to focus on getting home instead, although he does attempt to use another bathroom after his tram ride, to no avail.

Still in denial and asserting that he doesn’t feel too bad and it was “just the running” that’s making him feel funky, Grey then has to run again for another tram, which he misses. Finally home, Grey makes a beeline for the bathroom, ending the video with a clip of him crying on the toilet and telling his audience, “The yellow is much worse.”

His fans were undoubtedly entertained. One wrote, “Watching you get progressively damper and damper as the video went on sent me,” while someone else suggested, “Eating the yellow dragon fruit at a public phone booth probably tainted the experiment so you might have to do it again.”

Grey agreed, responding, “You may be right. Eating anything at a public phone booth is probably gonna have a similar result.”

There’s a life lesson in this: Avoid yellow dragonfruit, avoid eating in public phone booths and definitely don’t ever combine the two.