Apple’s new Vision Pro has a problem: It’s attached to your face.

I know what you’re thinking — aren’t all VR devices attached to your face? Well, first of all, it’s not a VR device, it’s a revolutionary spatial computer (that justifies the $3,500 price tag!). Second, Apple is really hoping that this baby will be able to seamlessly integrate into users’ worklives. That means that all your favorite Apple apps need to work with the device, including FaceTime.

The only issue is that, of course, the Apple Vision Pro can’t film your face while you’re wearing it, not that you’d want to be seen wearing one of these things in the first place. The workaround the company came up with is what they’re calling “Personas,” digital representations of the wearer that can interact with others on a FaceTime call.

And they look like shit.

In a recent post on X/Twitter, tech reviewer iJustine shared a clip from her video offering her first thoughts on the device. In it, she can be seen on a FaceTime call with fellow tech YouTubers Marques Brownlee (MKBHD) and Brian Tong. While they seem initially enthusiastic, something — well, everything — feels off. The tech is impressive, but the faces themselves look somewhere between The Sims and the PlayStation 2.

Brownlee insists that people will get used to seeing representations like these, though he also notes that the faces are “just at the edge of uncanny valley.”

I have to admit, watching the full conversation and seeing Brownlee’s video on the topic, I can understand how someone could get used to talking to a digital version of their friends. But the question is, is this what we really want?

Overall, I’m not excited about the future that the Apple Vision Pro is heralding. Unless someone wants to give me one of these things, in which case, get ready to see me rendered at 240p!