Though rapper 50 Cent may have gone for “badass” while descending from the ceiling of Dublin, Ireland’s 3 Arena before a giant screen of flames, his grand entrance read a whole lot more “ethereal fairy princess” than “hip hop legend,” earning him the title of rap’s fairy godmother.

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The “In da Club” artist’s transformation into a Brothers Grimm character commenced earlier this week after one of his shows in the Irish capital got off to a bizarre start, an apparent malfunction leaving him awkwardly stranded several feet in the air.

Yet as he dangled high above the stage and his crowd of adoring fans, he appeared visibly unamused, hitting a pose that several not only likened to SpongeBob SquarePants’ wizard persona but also every pop culture fairy princess.

Earning him the nickname of “fairy cent” in a viral edit of the moment shared to TikTok,

others opted to get more specific about this uncanny resemblance, including @sirmichaelarias, who likened him to the fairy-verse’s most notoriously tough guy persona.

“Bro up there looking like Jorgen Von Strangle,” they wrote, referencing the Fairly OddParents’ boss.

But whether or not the musician knew this entrance would seal his fate as an ethereal icon, one thing is certain — to quote @bfromthesea’s astute observation, “There’s not one 50 cent song that requires him to do all this.”