As evident through our constant use of the phrase “contrary to popular misconception,” it seems there are plenty of fictional beliefs out in the ether, a sentiment it seems Redditors know all too well.

Last week Redditor u/Aarunascut asked the people of r/AskReddit to sound off on the most irritating misunderstandings, asking “What's an annoying myth that people still cling to?” 

Alongside classic examples of misinformation including “that antibiotics are needed for colds, as u/Lululemonparty_put it, and that “that carrots give you good eyesight,” per another user who has since deleted their account, cops’ license to fudge the truth also appeared in the discussion.

“An undercover cop has to tell you they're a cop if you ask them,” wrote /No_Instance_1851.

Meanwhile, the concept of pregnancy took center stage for several Redditors, several commenters sounding off on just how weird things can get when you’re literally growing another human.

“There are a ton of ridiculous myths around pregnancy,” wrote u/Nayru88. “The worst one I was told was not to ever raise my arms over my head so the baby didn't get tangled in the umbilical cord.”

“I was told if you carry your belly higher/ lower it's supposed to determine the gender of the baby,” added u/Commercial_Speed3054. “Also I wish someone would have told me morning sickness doesn't necessarily mean you get sick in the mornings, I got sick at any time.”