Book signing - chelsea banning 2 people

Debut author Chelsea Banning was excited to publish her fantasy novel titled Of Crowns and Legends. After working on the story for over 15 years, the only thing left was to attend a book signing to which 37 people had RSVP'd. It was perfect until... only two people showed up. Taking her frustrations to Twitter, Chelsea's story went viral, and it turns out her experience is much more common than you might think, no matter who you are. 

Garnering thousands of likes and replies, some of the most successful writers in the world were quick to reply to her tweet and share their own stories of sparsely populated book signings. Stephen King, the celebrity best-selling horror author with over 400 million books sold, shared his own experience. 

This woman shared a different Stephen King signing experience. Let's just hope she's not the person from the first one. 

Iconic author Margaret Atwood also shared her book signing story.

Peter Sagal, the host of the popular NPR game show Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! had double-digit attendance, but couldn't escape something memorable.


With such an outpouring of support, it is clear that this is an experience shared by just about every author everywhere. 

With this outpouring of support, I'd say Chelsea Banning's book has received more exposure than she had originally hoped for. Good luck to her, and all the authors out there putting their heart and soul into their work.