YouTuber ProJared and his wife Heidi O'Ferrall

Gaming YouTuber ProJared, whose real name is Jared Knabenbauer, has been accused of not only cheating on his wife, cosplayer Heidi O'Ferrall, but also sending nudes to underage fans while also asking for them in return. On Wednesday, Jared tweeted out a statement explaining that he and his wife were getting a divorce. 

His wife went on a twitter spree revealing all the awful things he has been doing to her.

She then went on to reveal that he was sending nudes to underage fans via Snapchat and had a Tumblr blog where he would post submitted nudes. 

After that some of the girls he interacted with sent out tweets confirming his behavior.

There is now a subreddit devoted to memes roasting ProJared.

ProJared meme about him looking like balloony

ProJared meme I'm about to end my own whole career

ProJared tweet asking for nudes

ProJared tweet about his hard cock

ProJared meme about social media suicide

ProJared meme about cheating on someone less attractive than you wife

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