Gabriel Co Tuazon, an artist in the Philippines,  has been slammed on social media after devising a self-made mini electric chair to execute a cockroach that had the misfortune of flying into the artist’s window on a hot day.

Gabriel Co Tuazon caught the flying insect in an old matchbox and decided to design and build a mini wooden chair and connect it to battery wires and a light bulb. 


Internet users flooded the comment section below the post, expressing their outrage and condemnation; however, the sculptor remained unrepentant saying the cockroach “wasn’t supposed to come inside.” “I was supposed to hit it with an object, but felt gross at the idea because I might dirty my working table,”

**WARNING: DIsturbing**

He then videoed himself strapping the insect to the chair, placing a metal lid on its head and plugging in the wires sending an electric current through the tiny body of the insect – the roach writhing in pain as the current penetrated its body. Once social media caught drift of the heinous video, the outrage and condemnation just poured out with viewers calling this act “animal cruelty.” What do you think, animal cruelty or just creative extermination?