One Instagram influencer learned that IG clout doesn’t exempt anyone from trending on Reddit, embarking on a now-viral rant as she exited an airplane during a recent trip.

Though the circumstances surrounding Morgan Osman’s deplaning are unclear, her anger towards a fellow passenger aboard an unspecified American Airlines flight was ever apparent, the model slamming an unseen traveler for allegedly calling her the b-word as she grabbed her belongings.

Women becomes very rude with other passengers on an airplane.
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“Call me a b—h again,” she said, taking her suitcase from the overhead compartment. “Call me a b—h again, I did nothing wrong!”

Not everyone, however, was buying her insistence of innocence, another passenger telling her to shut up.

“No you shut the f—k up! You shut the f—k up,” she fired back, “and your b—h.”

As she continued down the aisle, she had one last word for another recording the ordeal on their phone.

“Film me - I'm Instagram famous, you f—g bum,” she yelled, looking directly at the camera.

As the video went viral on Reddit, Osman, who previously appeared on The Bad Girls Club and is rumored to have dated Britney Spears' newly-minted ex-husband, Sam Asghari, headed to Instagram with several statements on the ordeal.

“I said what I said you fckn bummmsss,” she wrote alongside an image of the article, later elaborating that she did not, in fact, get booted from the flight.

“I didn't get kicked off, I asked to leave instead of it turning violent,” she added in a subsequent post. “Thank u.”

While we may never know what exactly went down on that fateful flight one thing is certain: She and Tiffany Gomas need to go on a girls trip, stat