Sometimes you need that one aggro guy to get the job done.

A Seattle fire truck was stalled at an intersection as a man stood in front of the flashing vehicle. Multiple firemen and women were telling him to politely scram from a safe distance until a pedestrian hero took it upon his hands to get the truck moving. A random man in a gray shirt walks off the sidewalk to shove the truckblocker out of the way.

Vigilante saves us from a main character standing in front of a firetruck and blocking it.
byu/StunningInnocenc inImTheMainCharacter

What could turn into a street fight is ignored by the fire department as they all rush to get back on the track and out of the way. Listen, they couldn’t really do anything to physically move the man while on the job (though spraying him with the hose would have been effective). It’s still nice to know there are civilians out there who are really “all about that action.”

Reward the man elementary school style with a ride on the truck and a picture in the fireman hat.