No Appointment? Big problem … Specifically for a few unwitting receptionists who were verbally berated by a male Karen apparently peeved he didn’t have an appointment at their medical practice.

According to Redditor u/Hazorb33, who said they captured the video of the incident at what appears to be Bay Meadows Family Medicine in Oregon, Ohio, and uploaded it to r/PublicFreakout, office staff initially attempted to keep the unknown man’s rage at bay, urging him to calm down.

Guy yells at receptionist and staff for a appointment he didnt have
byu/Hazorb33 inPublicFreakout

“The women at the counter told him to lower his voice,” the user recalled. The male Karen, however, refused to listen, embarking on an expletive-filled tirade against the office workers.

“F— you, get a f—king clue,” he yelled, ordering the women behind the desk to “mind your own MF-ing business,” despite them quite literally being at their place of business.

u/Hazorb33 said that staffers then escorted the man to another room, where his continued yelling evidently echoed back into the waiting room.

“That's when a very loud noise came from the other side of the wall and he came bursting through the doors,” they added, noting that the man “had slammed his fist or something against the wall on his way out” of the building.

“I was disgusted and also frightened by this person, there's no reason to do this,” they concluded. “Idk if he needs help but this is not okay.”

While the majority of commenters on the now-viral post appeared to agree, u/OkStructure3 took a different approach, offering the male Karen some astute — but still underserved — sympathy.

“The way he was clawing at his nuts I can see why he needs an appointment right away,” they wrote.