If you’re in the North Eastern United States right now, chances are the sky is orange. Not because it’s cloudy - it’s quite sunny here actually - but because smoke from Canadian wildfires has tens of millions of Americans under strict air advisory warnings. According to IQAir, New York City owned the second worst air quality in the world yesterday, behind only Delhi, and according to The Guardian, there are still more than 150 active fires across Canada.

The fires have been causing problems since May, but a recent video of a flame-throwing helicopter over the Canadian forest has some conspiracy theorists wondering if they were intentional, or at the very least lit intentionally with negligence.

“That’s how your fire started,” businesscord captioned their video.  

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Another video shows a satellite image of smoke from multiple locations billowing at the same time, adding fuel to the conspiracy theorist’s fire.

“They did this with lasers in the CA fires,” Princessconsuelakiwisack commented. “Thought we wouldn’t notice.

However, many more people were quick to point out that controlled fires are set regularly to help combat massive forest fires like the ones currently underway.

“Setting a backfire, they do it all the time,” Jack akin commented.

“Gotta love these comments by people who have never fought any forest fires,” Facoughwef said. “33 years service here.”

So yes, there is a video of a helicopter starting fires. But no, it is not the cause of the smoke covering the northern United States.